help us find a new home

Roller Derby has been in Sacramento for over 10 years and though we often go unnoticed, we are creating positive change for thousands of Sacramento community members. Every week Sacramento Roller Derby offers over 30 hours of programs and practices that strengthen, empower, and enrich our over 150 members. Unfortunately our practice space of almost ten years has been sold and will soon serve the community in a different way. Without a practice space our ability to serve our participants and the community will greatly suffer. We’ve been diligently searching for new venue without luck. The Sacramento warehouse market is impacted and rents are rising, and as a small non-profit it’s hard to compete. We’re reaching out to the community for help in finding a new space. Please send any leads to our Board of Directors.
Thank you for supporting Sacramento Roller Derby.

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A space in the city of Sacramento where we can hold 40 hours of practices a week and monthly games.


108’x75’ playing surface.


At minimum 10,000 sq ft clear span, level surface. Preferably 15,000 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft.

Permitted, safe & accessible for daytime & evening events

ADA accessible

At least two restrooms


In the city of Sacramento

Secure parking & storage available

Internet access

80 person capacity for practices and 250 person capacity for public games

Weeknight and full weekend availability

Flat monthly rate for dedicated occupancy

Please email the Sacramento Roller Derby Board of Directors with questions or leads.