Board of Directors

Executive Director,  LOLz Lemon

Coaching Director, Fire EnJen - Skating programs and coaching.

Finance Director,  Red TornadHo - Financials, dues, insurance, and non profit status.

Games Director, Vacant covered by Games Committee - Games production including vendors, performers, concessions, season schedule, season passes, and tickets. Contact for information on volunteering for our league!

Secretary,  Rhodes Warrior - League Administration

Fundraising & Community Outreach Manager,  Jacked RipHer  - Fundraisers, community events, parade participation, skater appearances at community events, and charitable partnerships.

Marketing Manager,  Hamcat- Media appearances, cross promotions, logo and photo usage, social media, and information for media when discussing roller derby and our league.

Merchandise Manager, Pink Freud - League Merchandise and Uniforms

Sponsorship Manager,  Shanita Crutch - League Sponsorships

Executive Board - For information on our experience unifying our leagues, please email us here.

Interleague Liaison - Information on scheduling a game with SRD

Adult Coaching Staff - Transfers, visiting skaters, and practice information.

Adult Training Program Staff - Information about joining SRD and our training programs.

Junior League Staff- Transfers, visiting skaters, new skaters, and practice information.

Head Officials, Don Scoreleone and Asstro- Officiating opportunities, transfers, and information on becoming an official.