General Game Information


How do I buy tickets and what types are there?

Our tickets are sold online at Brown Paper Tickets and in person by our skaters and community partners. You can find our tickets at Empire's Comics Vault, Dimple Records locations, and The Rink.

We have two levels of tickets, General Admission and VIP.  General Admission offers entry to the event. VIP offers early entry to the events, reserved VIP seating area, complimentary food service and non-alcoholic beverages, two alcoholic beverages coupons from the SCR, five raffle tickets, and  a dedicated derby ambassador to answer all of your roller derby questions!

We also offer season passes for both ticket levels.

Where are your games held and what kind of seating is there?

Our games are held at The Rink and at our warehouse, both located in Sacramento. 

At The Rink you can expect track side seating in both VIP and general admission. VIP seating includes upgraded chairs and general admission includes classic fold out chairs. The Rink is fully accessible. 

Our warehouse has bleachers, folding chairs, and even VIP couches! Fans are able to bring camp chairs if they prefer their own seating. Please note that at this time our warehouse is not full accessible.

If you need considerations for handicap seating or limited mobility seating at either venue, please contact our game production team at least 48 hours prior to the game.

What time should I be there?

General Admission seating begins at least 30 minutes before the first whistle and VIP begins at least 45 minutes before the first whistle. Seating in each section is first come first serve so it is advised to arrive early to ensure that you get the seats you want. Be sure to check each events specifics before game day.

Can I bring a camera or video camera?

Yes, we love fan pictures and videos! If you do take pictures please make sure to share them with us on Facebook (post to our page) or on Instagram and Twitter please tag them #sacramentorollerderby.

Please note that only photographers and videographers with media credentials will be allowed on the track during game play, all others will need to take pictures from their seats or the sidelines. Safety comes first!

For media credential consideration please contact our game production team 2 weeks before the game you plan to attend.

What kind of food and beverages are available?

At The Rink food and non alcoholic beverages are sold by the venue so the choices can vary. The league hosts a beer garden with beer, wine, and liquor. Our beer garden is cash only. 

The league provides all of the concessions at our warehouse. Offerings may include: hot dogs, nachos, chips, candy, soda, water, and of course beer! Prices for food and drink range from 50 cents to $6.

Is it OK to bring my children to games?

We strive to create a family-friendly atmosphere at all of our games. Many of our skaters are also parents, so we want the whole family to be able to enjoy our events!

Here are some things to consider when bringing children under 12:

  • Our games are full-contact and intense, which means injuries can happen. On occasion skaters must be helped off the track by emergency medical personnel. This may be scary for young children.
  • Some skater and staff names contain words or innuendos that are PG-13.
  • We sell alcohol at our games and though we strive to keep people at their limit, it is possible that people will be intoxicated.
  • Roller derby games can be loud! Between the DJ, announcers, cheering, ref whistles, and skater communication on the track, the noise can be overwhelming for little ones sometimes. We recommend noise cancelling/reducing headphones for children under 5.
  • Games run between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the line up.
  • Children may not sit track side. An adult should always sit between children and the track.

What kind of security is there at games?

We takes the safety of our fans very seriously! We have professional security at all of our games at The Rink and at the warehouse we will usually have a mix of professional and volunteer security. 

What can I NOT bring to a game?

  • No Weapons! We have a zero tolerance policy for violence or intimidation.
  • No outside food or beverages **This rule does not apply at our warehouse**
  • No backpacks or large bags (nothing bigger than a purse or a camera bag)
  • No personal chairs or stools (seat cushions are OK)  **This rule does not apply at our warehouse**
  • No whistles (they interfere with our referees’ whistles)
  • And like all other public spaces in Sacramento, smoking is not allowed in our venues. Smoking must take place at least 25ft from the doors of the venue.

Is there a place for vendor tables at your games?

The Rink has lots of room, and we love having lots of vendors there!

The warehouse has very limited space, so we can only accommodate small vendors at this location.

For vendor consideration please contact our game production team 2 weeks before the game you would like to vend at.


  1. SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE CONCERN: Please help by doing your part!
  2. ZERO TOLERANCE OF VIOLENT OR THREATENING ACTS: Offenders will be immediately removed from the venue by security staff. Depending on the severity, offenders may be reported to the police and banned from all Sacramento Roller Derby events.
  3. DO NOT HARASS OR VERBALLY ABUSE SKATERS, OFFICIALS, OR OTHER PATRONS: We love the competitive nature of roller derby but respect is equally as important to us. Hate speech of any nature will not be tolerated.
  4. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE: Children must be supervised at all times and should refrain from running around the venue. Free range children endanger their own safety and the safety of others.
  5. NO GAME INTERFERENCE: Patrons musts not interfere with the game play or officiating by throwing objects, blowing whistles, or walking onto the track during gameplay.
  6. SUPPORT SIGNS: Signs of support must be no larger than an average poster board and contain text and images that are PG. Signs may not contain serious/obscene insults directed at either team or officials. Signs deemed offensive will be asked to be taken out of the venue.
  7. HAVE FUN!