Sacramento Roller Derby Declines Playoffs Invite



Sacramento Roller Derby Declines Playoff Invitation

Sacramento, CA: We are extremely proud of the performance of the Capital MaulStars, our charter team, throughout our 2018 inaugural season. The team worked very hard to climb 27 spots to end June with an international ranking of 29th within the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).


This ranking would have promised the MaulStars an invite to the WFTDA North America West Region Continental Cup in Omaha, NE. However, following playoff invitation declines by several teams ranked above Sacramento, the MaulStars were subsequently asked to participate in the WFTDA D1 Playoffs in A Coruña, Spain at the end of August instead.


With the shortened timeline and increased cost associated with this playoff change, we have decided to decline the invitation to playoffs in A Coruña. After an extremely successful first season we are disappointed to be unable to participate in Playoffs this year, but we know this will not be our last invitation.


We hope that our friends, family, and fans will support us in making this decision and hope that we can continue to count on your support going forward. We thank each and every person out there who has been rooting for us!  We see you, we hear you, and it means a lot to us during our first year as a unified league.


Please visit our website and follow us on Facebook to learn more about our ongoing competitive season and opportunities to watch your favorite skater take the track in Sacramento.  Also on our website, you can find details about opportunities to support our league.



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